Laser Scanning

3D PointCloud

Kovach has the ability to use laser scanning in and around a building to provide a 3D pointcloud overlay on top of the BIM model. This provides early detection of inconsistencies between the critical design intent and the actual site condition. By providing laser scanning in-house, we are able to quickly and efficiently give our customers accurate details on their projects. This is an important facet of our turnkey approach.

Early Detection

You’ve probably heard the saying, “measure twice, cut once.” This little bit of wisdom can apply to large-scale construction projects. This is especially true due to all of the technology and facets that go into today’s modern buildings. Early detection in a any construction project is absolutely critical. In fact, it could mean the difference between millions of dollars and lots of extra time dedicated to fixing errors.

Because we, as a specialty contractor, have this capability, it allows us to seamlessly fit our products and services into each project and site we scan. Accuracy and time are two very important ingredients in any successful project.

laser scanning

Laser Scanning Projects