Design Assist

Make It Happen

Whether the task is defining scope of work, assessing alternative value options, or managing design intent, our experienced design assist professionals will provide cost-effective solutions to meet the desires of the owner and the dream of the architect.

Engaging a Specialty Subcontractor

As the construction industry continues to evolve, project delivery methods are trending towards a more collaborative, team-oriented approach. Design Assist is a project delivery method in which the construction team is engaged by the owner to collaborate with the architect during the design phase of a project. In traditional project delivery methods, the contractor typically does not see the project plans and specifications until they are complete and ready for bid. Any suggestions a construction team might have often arise at a point in the project when it might be difficult, very expensive or too late to address.

Design Assist engages the construction team far earlier in the design process and includes key sub-contractor participation. The advancement of architecture continues to see the increased complexity of building exteriors as design concepts push the envelope of what is constructible. As architects continue to explore the creative use of common materials, exotic metals and a vast array of composites, specialty building envelope contractors have become increasingly valuable to the construction team. Their expertise is critical to ensure the architectural design intent is achievable, while reducing RFI’s, change orders, and ensuring building code issues are dealt with before construction commences. This collaborative approach increases both the quality and efficiency of a project.

Kovach’s Approach to Design Assist: From “Concept to Construction”

Respect the Design Intent

  • Provide ideas to simplify installation while maintaining the design intent

  • Provide alternate products or materials that improve efficiency while supporting the design intent

Provide A Single Source Solution

  • Design, fabricate, and install a wide variety of product options

  • Provide one warranty to the owner

Provide Budget Support & Cost Control Management

  • Provide design suggestions that stay within a set budget and maintain the architectural design 

  • Address design changes from other scopes that could compromise the budget or create change orders

  • Provide vertically integrated services for increased control over costs

Coordinated Scheduling & Project Management

  • Forecast, track and perform activities efficiently and effectively

  • Provide dedicated logistics and project managers that facilitate and maintain the project schedule

Employ State Of The Art Technology

  • Integrate latest software tools such as Revit, Auto CAD and BIM

  • Provide laser scanning to monitor and address discrepancies between field conditions and CDs

Design Assist Projects