Architectural Shade Systems


Raise Aesthetics, Reduce Consumption

Kovach provides in-house design and fabrication for various architectural shade systems. These systems provide beautiful and unique aesthetic character while reducing energy consumption, heat and glare. Minimal energy consumption is key in today’s environment and market. Each shade system we design, fabricate and install gives us the ability to make a difference. The sun has given us a golden opportunity to add yet another creative feature to our turnkey building envelope approach.

Made in the Shade

Our architectural shade systems can be designed and fabricated into virtually any shape. This system can fit into several applications including:

  • Sun Shades
  • Skirts
  • Fins

This system takes a new and innovative approach to keeping a building cool and free from unwanted external light and energy. Through our advanced fabrication abilities we are able to use perforation and other key methods to create unique applications. Shade your building in style with a one-of-a-kind shade system from Kovach.

shade systems

Architectural Shade Systems Projects