Screening Systems

Aesthetics in the Shade

Kovach’s unique manufacturing capabilities allow designers the freedom to create screening systems that are not merely functional and durable, but aesthetically stunning as well.

Set the Screen

Our screening systems can be applied to several different applications including:

  • Parking Garages
  • Veil Systems
  • Mechanical Screens

Our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities give architects and designers the freedom to create never-before-seen systems.

screening systems

Form and Function

Screening systems have been a practical component of architectural design for centuries, but up until recently they have not been thought of as architectural features. Architects are continually pushing the boundaries of building materials to achieve both functional and aesthetic results. This creative approach capitalizes on the efficiency and economy of common building materials, while incorporating them into a stunning design. The marriage of high functionality and striking aesthetics demands careful selection of materials that not only facilitate the design, but also deliver the desired performance while meeting the budget.

Kovach’s collaboration with industry-leading designers and architects has produced unique screening solutions that have transformed parking garages and screen walls into design statements. We are consistently approached by architects based on our ability to customize materials by providing different shapes, sizes and variations (alloys, materials) than what are commercially available. As a key part of the design-build team, Kovach will have visibility on any potential changes in design that could compromise the budget, in such a case, we will address the issue before it can materialize. We are here to help take a designer’s vision from dream to reality.

Screening System Projects