Perforated Panel Systems

A System without Boundaries

Our perforated panel systems are virtually limitless due to our fabrication capabilities. Our perforation capabilities have allowed us to manufacture completely unique systems. Create something the world has never seen before with our perforated panels.

Decades of Perforation

Kovach has decades of experience working with perforated aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc panels, as well as perforated MCM. Our perforated panels fit into several applications including:

  • Soffit Panels
  • Shade Canopies
  • Screen Walls
  • Garage Screening

Our fabrication capabilities allow us to provide virtually limitless design options for architects and owners. With the help of our design assist team we’ve made parking garages interesting. We have turned the prospect of shade into an opportunity for art. Our perforated panels allow us and our clients to step into another dimension of enveloping a building.

Perforated Panel Systems Projects