Unitized Stone Systems



The combination of stunning beauty and unique system design establish Kovach’s Unitized Stone system as the industry leader that delivers the look, performance and value that both architects and owners demand. Kovach’s extensive experience and award winning performance on a variety of high profile projects are a testimony to the company’s dedication to delivering long lasting solutions, the next of which is Unitized Stone.

Industry-Leading Advances

Kovach’s Unitized Stone system is as versatile as it is beautiful. This unique system can be used with many varieties of natural stone, harvested from quarries around the world. Fully customizable to meet your projects specifications, we are able to integrate air, water, fire and thermal protection into an efficient, unitized system that can be easily combined with a variety of other products to achieve your creative vision. At the Beus Center for Law and Society, our Unitized Stone system was paired with glass and ACM sun shades. An ideal candidate for multi-story applications, our unitized system installs safely, quickly and economically.

Organic Beauty

With over 37,000 SF of natural stone facade, the Beus Center for Law and Society makes a strong case that sometimes the best design choice is to let nature’s beauty speak for itself. Kovach worked closely with both the owner and the architect to select a local source that would not only satisfy their aesthetic concept, but would also work within their budget. Sandstone, harvested just outside of Prescott Arizona, was the perfect fit. Kovach’s Unitized system can easily be paired with virtually any natural stone material such as granite, Indian Sandstone, slate, Italian Marble, Texas Limestone, or whatever material best suits your design. Incorporating glass, sunshades and other architectural features is easily accomplished, allowing for ultimate creative freedom.


Providing air, water, fire & thermal protection are fundamental to any building enclosure system. Engineered to stand the test of time, our system has undergone rigorous third party, independent testing, so its performance will be as impressive as your design. Kovach’s team of professionals will ensure that your system is designed, engineered, tested, fabricated and installed to local building code requirements. These materials aren’t made by humans hands, they’re forged by nature over decades and centuries. Kovach harnesses these materials to give unparalleled natural endurance in any and all environments.


From system design to delivery, Kovach delivers a turnkey product. This comprehensive approach significantly increases the ability to control costs and quality control. The Unitized Stone system was designed with an assembly line fabrication model in mind. Each panel has a 60 point checklist to ensure all components are fabricated to spec. In addition to ensuring a top quality product, the factory environment delivers increased safety, speed and efficiency, which translates to savings. Kovach’s Unitized Stone system will ensure that your project will be able to maintain aggressive scheduling while preserving your budget.