Composite Cladding Systems

Kovach designs, fabricates, and installs a full range of composite cladding systems, meeting ASTM E330, AAMA 509, ASTM E331, ASTM E283, ASTM E284, NFPA 285, and AAMA 501a performance requirements.



Glazing Systems

Kovach’s state-of-the-art fabrication facilities allow for the unitizing of large scale glazing projects. Kovach’s vast array of product offerings covers to include storefront, curtain wall, unitized panel, truss and structural glass wall systems.

Custom Sheet Metal

Kovach is able to produce and test an endless variety of custom panel systems, specifically tailored to the aesthetic and budgetary needs of the owners, architects, and general contractors.

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Sun Shades, Sun Controls & Light

Kovach Building Enclosures provides in-house design and fabrication for these elements which will provide the flexibility for the custom wants of your project while ensuring you get far more for your budget dollar than our competition. These elements are superb features which allow designers to obtain a high level of aesthetic character while providing function by reducing energy consumption, heat and glare. It’s simple; we design, fabricate, and install the details to meet your design intent in the most economical way possible.

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Insulated Metal Panel Systems

Insulated metal panel systems offer the client versatility, strength, cost-effectiveness, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance solutions. Kovach has strong partnerships with the nation’s leading manufacturers of insulated metal panel systems.



The stonelite product is a natural stone veneer bonded by high-strength, epoxy impregnated, glass filler to aluminum honeycomb reinforcement, weighing in at 3.3 pounds per square foot. This extremely light, yet strong, product can provide owner’s considerable cost savings over multi-level dimensional stone applications.

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Standing Seam

From simple to complex, Kovach provides the most advanced and versatile structural standing seam roofing systems available in today’s architecturally demanding market. These products has uncommon flexibility with architectural and structural capabilities


Architectural Louvers

Kovach Building Enclosures designs, fabricates, and installs fixed, drainable, and storm-resistant louvers, which can be applied into a stand-alone application, or integrated into our wall panel systems for aesthetic harmony.

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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Panel

GFRC is a cement based composite with alkali-resistant glass fiber, randomly dispersed throughout the product. A special extrusion process incorporates layers of glass fiber into a concrete matrix; in the top layer and underlayer the fibers are undirected and scattered, resulting in strong, yet lightweight, architectural cladding panels.

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Phenolic Panels

Solid phenolic core laminate (compact laminate) is a high pressure solid composite designed for laboratory work surfaces, toilet partitions, wall panels, fume hood decks, fume hood liner panels, pegboards (drying racks), reagent racks, commercial countertops, cabinet drawer fronts, locker drawers, shelving, window sills, decorative casework components, and other interior applications.

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