Stone Projects

Beus Center for Law and Society

The Beus Center for Law and Society, a $129 million, 280,000-square-foot facility completed in the fall of 2016.

This project allowed Kovach to create a completely new system, our Unitized Stone System. Sourcing stone from nearby Chino Valley, we integrated sandstone slabs into our metal and glass panel systems to create a system that is easier and more efficient to manufacture and install.

ASU Student Pavilion

As the exterior subcontractor on the job, Kovach was responsible for fabricating and installing the energy efficient glass curtainwall, copper metal panels, and limestone rain screen. One of the most unique features of the Student Pavilion is the exterior electrochromic glass located at the lobby and first floor conference halls.

Not only does the fully tinted glass significantly reduce energy consumption it also creates a more thermally and visually comfortable building.

Helios Education Facility

Helios was an exciting project that gave Kovach the opportunity to integrate many different systems from metal to glass to stone. Additional features, such as column covers with complex geometric shapes and patterns, pushed our innovation and creativity.

Tooker House

Tooker House, ASU’s newest student housing facility, is the latest addition to the growing list of facilities at Arizona State University that feature stunning architecture. Kovach was thrilled to participate with the design team at Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz to bring their design intent to life. The use of various perforated metals, natural sand stone, insulated metal panels, and insulated low-e glass ensure that this project will perform optimally in the Valley of the Sun.