All Kovach operations remain open as of April 1, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, governing bodies across the country have begun to enact “Shelter in Place” orders to help slow down the spread of this outbreak over the past few weeks. Because Kovach is part of the essential Construction business, we are considered to provide critical value vital to the U.S. and/or state infrastructure and economy. Therefore, we remain open and operational.

As an essential service, we have a responsibility during this pandemic to continue to provide the goods and services that Americans depend upon and help develop future infrastructure. Examples of the work that we support that is essential/life sustaining includes:

  • Construction: Exterior glazing, metal panel and roof systems
  • Health Care: Hospitals, Medical buildings
  • Municipality: Government structures and libraries
  • Transportation: Aviation operations, parking structures, bridges, rail systems
  • Education: Higher Education housing and learning facilities

The safety of our employees is one of our primary concerns. Kovach continues to follow all safety and health precautions including:

  • Minimizing employee interaction by having those that can work from home do so,
  • Adherence to the mandatory 6 ft. social distancing policy at all times,
  • Diligence in cleaning/sanitizing common areas and our workspaces,
  • Requiring employees to stay home when they are sick or leave the job site if they show any sign of illness

 We will continue to review all orders from the local, state and federal level and alter operations accordingly. We acknowledge and appreciate our teams hard work, dedication and perseverance through these challenging times.