Our Industry-leading capabilities



Kovach relies on state-of-the-art software and equipment to achieve the aggressive goals set forth by customers. The expertise of the staff combined with the best tools in the industry allow us to think outside the box to deliver safe, efficient, precise and economical solutions for every project. Whether it’s using 3D scanning to identify any inconsistencies between field conditions and shop drawings or searching the world for the right components to complete the design of a cutting edge unitized stone system, Kovach will use the latest technology to deliver the best products within the budget.


Each project presents unique design, testing and code compliance challenges. Compressed schedules, crowded jobsites and tight budgets often create increased complexity and difficulty. Knowing how to navigate each of these obstacles is key. At Kovach, we rely on our experienced personnel to implement the delicate balance of planning, communication and execution required to ensure a successful project. Each department is lead by a staff member that has many years experience working on a variety of project scopes and sizes. Installing 1.5 Million SF of material each year, our seasoned team continues to grow in experience and skill.