Weathered Steel (Corten) – Top Ten FAQ

Being in the architectural metal business since the 60’s means we’ve received a lot of questions over the years about weathered steel, aka “Corten”. Weathered steel first started to be used as architectural cladding in the mid 60’s. Its popularity declined for a...

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Sill Flashing And Curtain Wall Systems: 4 Things To Look For

Proper Water Management Is In The Details   A common trend in architectural detailing is to draw a sill flashing with an upturn leg at curtain wall sill conditions. The concept of a sill flashing being used in this fashion originates with their use in storefront...

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ASU Student Pavilion – The Goal Is (Net) Zero

ASU has a history and reputation of working tirelessly to reduce waste, use energy efficiently, and focus on sustainability not just on campus but the community in general.   In 2017 ASU added their most significant contribution to green...

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